How do I know if I have been abused?

It may be difficult to determine if your partner has been abusive.  You can consider the below behaviors. Expereincing any or all of these types of behaviors would indicate abuse:
Has your partner…
·         hit, slapped, punched, shoved or kicked you?
·         threatened to hurt you or your friends?
·         consistently ridiculed or insulted you?
·         become extremely jealous if you talked to other people or went out without him/her?
·         made you account for time you are away from him/her?
·         forced you to touch him/her or have sex with him/her?
·         accused you of dating other people behind his/her back?
·         threatened to hurt you or him/herself if you break up with them?
·         used being drunk or high as an excuse for his/her violent behavior?
·         blamed you for provoking his/her violent behavior?
·         made you give him/her your email/social media/phone passwords so they could check up on you?
·         sent you numerous and/or threatening text messages?
We offer individual counseling to victim/survivors of dating or domestic violence that is free and confidential.  Our counseling services seek to provide you with the opportunity to talk about your feelings, fears, questions, whatever is on your mind.  We will not try to “make you” do anything.  We will not try and make you leave the relationship, press criminal charges or get a restraining order.  What we will do is give you the opportunity to explore all of your options and help you make informed decisions.  It is up to you. 
We wish to support you while you make these difficult choices.  If you are interested in counseling, please call our office at (856) 225-2326 to make an appointment.