Events & Awareness Programs

VPVA provides a range of educational and awareness programs throughout the academic year. Our goal is to provide infomation about interpersonal violence (sexual violence, domestic violence and stalking) and the issues that are related to these types of violence; and about the resources and support avaiable to our students. We engage students in both active and passive programs. 
In additional to programming, VPVA is avaiable to conduct workshops for your student group, organization or class. The following are workshops that are currently available. These workshops address foundational information regarding interpersonal violence and prevention.
Engaging Allies: Engaging Allies is a 45-minute program that introduces participants to the primary prevention strategy of bystander intervention (BI).  The focus of BI is that every member of our community plays a role in ensuring interpersonal violence and the attitudes and behaviors that cause it, have no place on our campus. Participants will explore safe and effective intervention strategies, address barriers they face and gain a basic understanding of bystander intervention as prevention.
Escalation: The Escalation Workshop, created by the One Love Foundation, uses events inspired by real life to educate participants about dating violence.  Facilitated by peer trainers, the 90-minute workshop features a 40-minute film followed by a discussion geared towards helping participants understand the warning signs of abuse, while also promoting healthy relationships.
Pizza and Fries: This 45-minute program will explore the definition of consent and how we give and receive consent in sexual situations. What does consent look and sound like? Participants will explore the components of consent in their own relationships.  This program will also address the dynamics of sexual violence in our community.
These programs can be modified for your needs by contacting Julie Millisky, Program Coordinator for VPVA, at
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