VPVA at Rutgers-Camden strives to create in-person, virtual, and passive programming in hopes of bringing greater awareness to issues related to violence and survivor support. In doing so we engage our students through workshops and discussion to bring attention to the many forms of violence, the impact, and resources for supporting members of the community.
An annual week- long awareness campaign to observe Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM). The student-body -including survivors, organizations, and faculty & staff- connect in efforts to raise awareness of dating/domestic violence and supporting survivors. Individuals and departments are encouraged to turn our physical, virtual, and personal spaces purple to connect us as a community that will not tolerate violence and abuse. As a campus we all need to make a statement that we will work together to:
  • support survivors
  • help prevent acts of abuse and violence as positive, active bystanders
  • speak out about dating violence and other forms of interpersonal violence
This February program by the One Love Foundation uses common Valentine's Day gifts to highlight abusive and unhealthy behaviors. Each item in the shop focuses on a type of abusive or unhealthy behavior to highlight the ways in which people abuse their partners. This is a passive program to students and brings awareness to dating & domestic violence as well as the promotion of healthy relationship behaviors.
An awareness event to remind viewers that sexual assault and violence has nothing to do with how we dress. This exhibit is portrayed in the Campus Center for the community to see outfits and descriptions of what a victim and survivor were wearing when assaulted. This program helps shift societal and community norms away from values and attitudes that uphold violence and victim blaming.
A week- long awareness campaign to observe Sexual Assault Awareness Month. During this month our goal is to connect the students, staff, and faculty on campus to raise awareness and support around sexual violence.
A global initiative to prevent sexual violence and enforce the important message that consent has NOTHING to do with the individual’s attire. The Rutgers-Camden community is invited to wear jeans (denim clothes) to spread this message and support survivors of sexual violence.
An international event with the mission of ending sexual violence and dating/domestic violence. VPVA partners with fraternity and sorority organizations to bring our community together to show we are united in the resistance of fear and violence.
The Clothesline Project is a visual display bearing witness to all forms of interpersonal violence. The mission originated in Cape Cod, Massachusetts in 1990 as a means of encouraging people to break the silence and bear witness to the issue of violence against women. Since then, the project has expanded to include many other (many times overlapping) forms of violence, including sexual abuse, child abuse, and stalking. VPVA created the Camden line and each year, students, faculty and staff can add a shirt for themselves or someone else.
VPVA hosts many other programs and workshops throughout the year.  Visit VPVA on engage for our upcoming programs.